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Does Photocopier Rental Differ from Leasing?

To grow a proper business, you must have the tools to do it. Most businesses invest in office equipment and that can be a huge capital expense, especially for companies that handle large amounts of documents and files. For businesses that are just starting out, equipment can have a huge impact on performance but the starting budget might not be enough. 

The best solution to this problem is to either rent or lease the equipment. 

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There are many reasons why rental or lease is better than just outright buying the tools you need. Today we are going to talk about the difference between copier leasing services and copier rentals.

Are Copier Rentals and Copier Leases the Same?

Short answer is no. 

We’ll explain why but first let’s define both.

What is copier leasing?

Looking for copier leasing services in Des Moines?

You might have heard or have involved yourself in a car lease? Well, it’s not the same thing. If your establishment wants to own a copier, you might get interested in getting a copier lease agreement. With a copier lease, the copier is still owned by the leasing company but you (more or less) can use and bring the copier into the office. The copier shall be lent to the company under agreeable terms. This includes service agreements like maintenance and upgrades, payment terms and total lease time frame.

With a lease it is easier for a business to have a copier or a multitude of copiers as long as you can pay monthly. Always remember though, that it will be more costly to keep a lease for the remainder of the business’ lifetime rather than buying your own copiers. It is a temporary solution when you’re starting out or if you want to plan your budget. 

Unlike leasing with cars, there’s no method of cancellation for a lease. You can’t just decide to stop it one day. However, leasing does offer you other options:

You can buyout the equipment to either:

Own the equipment outright for the remaining cost without penalties or to renew a lease but with better equipment and services.

If you want to cut losses, depending on the terms of agreement between you and the copier vendor or leasing company, you can return the equipment. Any additional fines are removed and you can just pay the remaining months left on the contract.

If you’re not looking for copier leasing in Des Moines then you can always rent a copier.

How is renting different from lease?

A rental is a better option for companies who see constant change in their future. Some big companies even prefer to rent equipment rather than lease because they regularly change or consolidate equipment between departments and establishments.

A rent is simpler in that you can always stop the service whenever you want to. There are no additional fees you are not paying within an agreed amount of time. You are paying it for its current use so at any time there is room for cancellation. There’s no buyout process or any other processes involved.

The Similarities Between the Two

Leasing and rental have many similar cost factors despite the difference in contract terms. Like leasing, rental still involves monthly fees and you can even include copier maintenance. Other factors like the type, model and usage of equipment are also factored in the payment. 

Rentals do not have the option that allows you to own the equipment though. If a business wants to keep using the copier, they must renew the agreement.  Don’t worry, there is a silver lining. Most rentals offer discounted rates or upgrades when you renew a rental contract. Of course, depending on the copier and usage, you’ll have to agree to new terms

Final words

Deciding whether to lease or rent a copier depends on your overall budget. If you have the time, do a cost analysis so you know which service is right for you.