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10 Myths About Office Copiers and Printers

Copiers and printers serve a vital role in paper works may it be in offices or business paraphernalia. But with even the great need for copiers and printers, still, some office owners want to do business with printing shops instead of having one.

For what reason do they want this system? Because of the myths about office copiers and printers. However, getting to know these myths, might be answerable by this article. So here are some of the myths that you may encounter about copiers and printers.

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These machines are complicated to use

Previous copiers and printers have large screens and difficult systems which other users might find frustrating. These were the misconceptions before which the new models try to change.

This myth does happen with the previous or old models of copiers and printers. This was the main reason why copiers and printers were made user-friendly, technicians produced hotlines for inquiries and applications can be used on mobile which can be connected through the wireless method.

With these innovations, the complication to use copiers and printers somewhat evolved to be simply accessed. You may try to figure out if this changed by buying one!

Direct manufacturer products are the best

The constant scam in online selling is primarily the reason why buyers want to go directly to manufacturers instead of local franchises or legit sites like Amazon.

We know that copiers and printers have different big names of brands and that they are better off from buying manufacturers, however due to having big demands in the market that these brands are out to control the market. That is why online selling applications and local areas have franchises of these big brands.

And with regards to warranty and being legit, you can always check their hotlines for verification. You may even ask local technicians in your area through their given numbers. In this matter, you do not need to buy them from the manufacturer’s area which may cost fuel expenses.

Bigger machines are better

Previous models of copiers and printers have been big in size. But being big in size does not offer a bigger number of productions. One of the latest innovations in copiers and printers for today is the ability to save space.

We know how limited spaces in offices are, thus, machines in bigger sizes will likely use more space and may allow the office to be crowded. To promote convenience and spacious atmosphere in the office, use machines of lesser size yet with the same quantity and quality produced.

Need not worry as most of the latest models from copiers and printers have these features. The only thing you need to fix in your office is the placement of these space saver devices to complement your interior design.

They are expensive

Yes, this myth might be true for some reason. First, the price of each printer and copier depends on their purpose. Most of the expensive copiers and printers offer great volume produced and of greater quality. Yet, not all cheap ones offer lesser volume and quality.

The main reason for the price range among copiers and printers is because of their cartridges. Those of a cheaper amount may need to use more inks which may later need more ink expenses. To check your needed copier or printer in the office, the best is to check your budget and your aimed workload.


Photocopiers and printers play an integral part in our daily office work. Choosing the right one by thinking through research and testimonies may offer you good advice and lessen your myth inceptions. Fact-checking is very handy at these times. So, try to figure it out after reading this one.