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The Pros and Cons of Buying An Office Copier for Your Business

Office copiers have become an integral part of any office setting. It helps make work easier and the users function more effectively. There are many options for which particular printer to choose, but before you jump the gun, try to consider the following points so that you can be better appraised when acquiring an office copier.

The following are the pros of buying an office copier.

  1. Considered as a business expense. In the course of operating a business, it incurs expenses that can be considered necessary for the running of the business. These expenses are deductible from the business income and therefore can be used as a deduction from the income tax of the business.
  2. Good investment. A copier is able to make multiple copies in a short amount of time. Copiers also have a sort function so that the output it produces is already in the same order as the source document. These benefits help save time and energy which equates to a more productive workflow.
  3. An opportunity for savings. Having an office copier can pose an opportunity for savings since the use of materials can be controlled. The paper, ink and other hardware on the printer can be used wisely at the discretion of the office. An in-house copier 
  4. The safety and security of data. An office that has its own copier has a better hold on the data that they process or produce. Since you do not have to outsource the reproduction of your documents, there will be fewer chances that your information will be leaked. In addition, certain copier models have the capability of being secure with a pin or passcode, therefore, giving an additional layer of protection for your office.
  5. Chance to have better control of your work process. Since the office has its own copier, the users will be able to better plan their use of it and take turns so that there will be no congestion on the device. Further, a schedule can be drawn up for its use which will result in better management of activities relating to the copier.
The Pros and Cons of Buying An Office Copier for Your Business

The following are the cons of an office copier.

  1. Can be pricey. A basic copier unit can be quite costly as a one-time purchase. On average, a unit of copier can start to form a couple of thousands and go upwards of forty thousand depending on the features it has. So, acquiring a unit is definitely a commitment and not one that should be taken lightly.
  2. Can take up a lot of space in the office. A heavy-duty copier can tend to be bulky and take up some room in an office space. With the addition of the paper trays and output trays plus the stand-by paper, you definitely have to allot a cubicle for this machine.
  3. Emits hot air and noise while being used. The placement of the copier in your office is vital since it tends to emit hot air and noise when it is copied. It can be bothersome to the employees to be sitting next to the copier.
  4. Costs for maintenance may get too high. Same with the other office fixtures, a copier is also prone to break down and would need maintenance and parts from time to time. If the demand or use of the copier is high, the risk of it encountering issues is also high. The upkeep and check-ups need to be conducted by a trained technician and the materials used should not only be compatible with the unit but should also be authentic.

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Essentially, a copier is a useful tool for any office but there are costs and other considerations that need to be undertaken in order to ensure that you will not be squandering your office resources.